I asked Jodie to help my grown kids find a house that they could afford. The experience was PERFECT!!!! Jodie is the BEST ......she gives 150% to her clients that quickly become her FRIENDS for life! I would never ask ANYONE else to help me with finding or selling a home! If you want GREAT..........ALWAYS CALL JODIE

Nancy S.

Jodie was so fantastic to work with when purchasing our first home! We are currently using her a second time around. I would highly recommend her to everyone I know. She made our home buying experience simple, smooth, and stress free!

Summer C.

Jodie's main concern is the satisfaction of her clients. She is a true professional. She represented both the seller and buyer when we purchased our home, and when minor repair issues came up during the home inspection, not only was Jodie a great diplomat, but offered to pay for the repairs herself. We were so impressed with Jodie's work ethics that we choose her as the agent to sell our home. We followed her professional advice on how to make our home more attractive, and investing very little time and money we were able to make a big difference. Her professional photographer takes amazing photos. I highly recommend Jodie as the best real estate agent out there!

Roger P.

Several years ago my husband and I became interested in real estate investing. A realtor is one of the most important team members you can have in that business, and Jodie was a golden find. She is kind, down to earth and is focused on you and your needs, professional, and very, very knowledgeable.

While we did not pursue an active career with investing, Jodie made a lasting impression on us. We are purchasing our first home this year, and we are returning to her as the realtor to help us out. Her experience and knowledge are commendable, but perhaps more importantly (especially to me), she communicates! I was never left wondering if she had received my text or e-mail, what her thoughts were, where things were at.

When we purchase our home, you can bet I will give you another review to update on (what I feel very confident about) will be another great experience, especially because THIS home will be OURS.

Sarah H.

We started with Jodie's Mother Julie 22 years ago, who helped us purchase our second home. we had such a good experience, that we continued to refer to Julie, until she retired, and Jodie took over as our new Real Estate agent. Jodie has since helped all three of our grown children, my mother, my brother and sister in law, and many friends with the sale and purchase of their new homes. Now, as we have become empty nesters, we look forward to Jodie helping us with our next home. Jodie has been in constant contact with all of us over all these years, and has become a true family friend. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication in our behalf, as she has served us very well.

Wendi S.

Just over six years ago Jodie helped my wife and I purchase our first home. Having never been through the process before, everything was new and foreign. Jodie held our hands through the process from start to finish. Even when we started to get discouraged after one rejected offer, she ensured us that we would find a home that we were happy with, and could afford. Never at any time did we feel like her desire for a commission check was her top priority. She listened to our needs, and went to bat for us time after time until we closed. Since then we have developed a friendship, and we continually look to her for advice regarding real estate. Jodie will be selling our current home when the time comes, and will be our realtor for life!

We have referred many of our friends to Jodie Osofsky, and while they have not all employed her services, the ones who have share our sentiments.

Bryan Sylvester

My wife and I worked with Jodie through the purchase and sale of our first home. We are currently working with her again to look for a new house. The bottom line is that Jodie is the kind of professional you want on your side! Her knowledge about the entire process of purchasing and selling is unmatched and she's always one step ahead. Always call Jodie!

Preston Zook

If you are looking for experienced professional and honesty in real estate, Jodie will deliver! She started as one of my customers, then became my real estate agent. She goes beyond the call and is always working hard for you.

Maria M.

Jodie was extremely knowledgeable about the homes in our price range in the Salt Lake Valley. She was very patient with us and walked through a ton of homes before I was able to decide on one. Even after we bought she continued helping us with running comps to lower our taxes, answer questions about the current market, and give advice on which home improvements would bring the highest resell value. Once we are ready to buy or sell again, there is no question who we will go through. We love Jodie!

Emily T.

Jodie is my go to person for all things Real Estate. I have referred two friends to her. They were both impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and her abilities to work with people with less than perfect credit.

Brian B.

Jodie sold my previous home and helped me get in to my new home. Both experiences were excellent! The sale of my modular home was not an easy task and we actually had previous realtors who said they were not willing to help me sale it. Jodie took the job with a smile and had my home sold in less than 6 months. She was PERSISTENT about showings and made sure we had at least 5-6 showings a week sometimes more. When it came time to purchase my new home she took time to find out our wants and needs and did not try to over sale us. In the end she got us in to our beautiful home we are living today. Another cool perk was her husband does financing so he was able to help with our loan, and answered questions even on his day off. I would recommend Jodie if you want to sale or buy or both!

Laura J.

(Well since I can't choose 20 stars....I guess I'll have to go with 5!! *****)

Jodie is phenomenal! We were very new to this whole home-buying process and she made it fun and exciting! We had a 'special' situation with the type of loan we had to do...if it hadn't been for her knowledge, expertise, and honesty-we would not have been able to buy our home! I love how professional she is....but I love that she is your friend too! She would walk into a home and know immediately if it was something that we would like....I think she knew sometimes before we even did... I look forward to continuing to get to know Jodie. She's become such a special person to us....and even though her 'work' is technically done-she is going to be a lifelong friend that we continue to make many more memories with! She's as good as they get!!!

Cyril J.

As a first time home buyer, the unfamiliar process and reality of making such a large purchase can be intimidating. Jodie was awesome to explain everything, and answer all the many questions I had. She has a lot of experience, which enables her to see pros and cons of a home that most people wouldn't see. She will point out why exactly a home is, or isn't, such a good idea.

Jodie makes you feel very comfortable, has your best interest at heart, and is very reliable! You can tell she loves what she does.

Eythan C.

Jodie is an honest person in what can sometimes be a less than a forthcoming industry. Sometimes I wanted to believe things that were not accurate and she prevented me from getting a home that was straight up lipstick on a pig. She has helped me on both the buy and sell side and both times I would have made BIG mistakes if I didn't have her. Jodie is successful because she doesn't let her clients make a decision without talking about the potential outcomes both good and bad. I have referred her to so many family and friends who have fallen in love with her experience and honesty. I am proud to call her my agent and a trusted friend.

Tina H.

Jodie was great at keeping us focused on the things that would help us sell our home and helped us avoid unnecessary work. This is an agent who works hard and keeps her word. She always provided honest and ethical advice. She was responsive and available whenever we needed. I very highly recommend working with Jodie.


Jodie is the most AMAZING Realtor! I am also in an industry where I receive referrals and give them out and there is not one person I wouldn't recommend going to her! She makes you feel welcome, always keeps you up to date and doesn't ignore your calls or texts! Always has amazing events planned for clients of present and past! It would be a mistake to use any other Realtor! I am so lucky that we had her and we LOVE our home and neighborhood!!

Felicia D.

I have to admit that I personally have felt the commission real estate agents receive on the sale of a home is excessive when you take into account the amount of time and effort most real estate agents put into the sale of a home. We had actually decided not to sell our previous home due to our experience with a different real estate agent who by the way was a family friend. My wife had mentioned this experience amongst a group of Girl Scout moms and that is where she met Jodie O. Knowing that I preferred to try and sell our home on my own, my wife finally convinced me to allow Jodie to give us her sales pitch. I honestly had no intention of actually saying yes to Jodie when we met. Jodie turned out to be the most professional, knowledgeable, and hard working individual I have ever met and this comparison transends the real estate world. Jodie did not just put our house out there for sale, she first made sure she knew what our situation was and spent much time determining how she could help meet our needs. This wasn't a "put their house on the market and see what happens approach". This was a very skilled and knowledgeable approach to positioning our home for sale at the right time, to the right market, and most importantly at the right price point. All of this I could never have accomplished on my own. She absolutely hit the nail on the head and the proof is in the proverbial pudding. We received three full priced offers for our home within 2 days of putting it on the market. At no point, did we wonder about the details of what was happening, as she made sure the whole process was transparent for us. I will admit, I get very nervous about financial decisions, and I was never nervous with our home sale with Jodie running the show. Not only is Jodie skilled and knowledgeable about her craft, but she is tenacious. Due to an appraisal that fell short of the offers and an appraiser that refused to admit he had made a mistake, our deal almost fell through. Jodie wasn't about to let that happen and worked her magic resulting in the sale of our home as expected. The purchase of our new home was a similar experience. While working hard to sell our previous home, she was simultaneously working just as hard to find us a new home. Jodie seemed to have a process that allowed her to quickly determine what homes we would actually consider and what homes would be a waste of our time to look at. We had to work with a stubborn seller on the purchase of our new home who felt the house was worth much more than it actually was. In the end we were able to move directly from our old home to our new home purchased at a price falling in our favor. I am not sure that I'd go as far as to say that I've changed my mind about the effort vs reward that real estate agents in general enjoy. I certainly wouldn't just hire any real estate agent to help me. However, we don't ever have to worry about that, because we have Jodie O. It is my humble opinion, anyone buying or selling a home in Utah and not employing the real estate genius of Jodie Osofsky is at a minimum putting themselves at a disadvantage in the process and most likely making a serious mistake. I had never met Jodie prior to her sales pitch, and 3 years later, we are still great friends.

Lanny D.

Few years ago as a first time home buyer I had the experience to get help from Realtor Jodi. She and her husband Dave, Mortgage Lender did helped us in a very professional manner. Because of them ,We landed in our dream home. Their advice and guidance through the process was amazing. They are the very best! Their followup even years later after we moved in ,is very encouraging. Beyond the home buying they are still our great educators and counselor in this matter. I highly recommend them.

Yohannes D.

Jodie is amazing and will go above and beyond for you and your family. We have been in our house for almost 4 years this August and couldn't be happier. Finding and buying a home can be extremely stressful, but Jodie helped us through the process and guided us every step of the way. Look no further, she's awesome!

Jason S.

I used Jodie to purchase my property and now using her to sell; my experience has been nothing but fantastic! She works hard for her clients. I have had nothing but great things to say about her. We bought our home near Hill AFB, we found a great location. It was our first home and she was very knowledgeable about the VA loan process. From the time we found our home, to closing was 3 weeks!

Shauron C.

Jodie made my dreams come true. She helped me find and secure my perfect storefront. I’m thankful for her every time I get to open my doors in the morning. Couldn’t recommend her more!

Bree K.

Jodie is incredibly professional, organized and personable. She has a high attention to detail, is personable and gets great results. I recommend her to all of my family and friends!

Lesley U.

Jodie does a good job. She listens to what you are looking for and makes adjustments when you change your mind. She handled all the details, something I don't have the patience for.

Jerry H.

Jodie O is the Queen of Real estate. Smartest person I know.

Mike A.

Jodie is beyond amazing! Super knowledgeable, clever, and street smarts to help you. Highly recommend!

Tattiana M.

Jodie is absolutely amazing! Excellent communication, suggestions, and putting her clients best interests above all. She is the utmost professional and you can tell she loves helping people all around.

Jolene L.

Jodie was so amazing in helping us buy our first home! We are in the process of using her a second time. She made our experience so smooth and stress free and I recommend her to everyone I know!

Summer S.

Jodie is the ideal candidate for those who want to sell and buy a distinctive home and for upper bracket and luxury ($400,000+) sellers and buyers. It is a delicate practice to help someone easily and smoothly transition from one home to another (closing dates, possession dates, getting the most money while having a preferred date, etc.) and Jodie is a surgeon for this solution for those of us who expect more from our chosen professionals. Jodie is referred for a reason. She gets things done in such a way that it is a win for her clients. Choose Jodie. I do.

Michael J. M.

Jodie is the best. She makes buying and selling a house easy and as stress free as it can be. She is knowledgeable and kind. I ask a lot of questions and she makes sure all your questions are answered without making you feel rushed or that you ask too many questions. She is the an expert at what she does!

Nicole W.

Jodie has been a family friend for years and it all started when she helped find my family their home in Utah. I will recommend Jodie to any and all my friends and family.”

Peter T.

We are simply floored by the kindness, expertise, and excellence that we experienced with Jodie and company. They made our home buying experience a pleasure on all counts. We are amazed, impressed, and extremely grateful!

Hernandez Family

Working with Jodie and her team has been the best real estate experience we’ve ever had. We really felt like she was our side and helped push for what we wanted and also has some many great suggestions and contacts.

Mandy J.

Absolutely amazing real estate agent. Not only helped me feel super comfortable with my home purchase. Felt like I was in good hands and she knew exactly what I was looking for and how to get it in an incredibly competitive market.

Jenna B.

Jodie and her team made buying my first home so straight forward. She spent so much time explaining things. I truly felt as though she knew what I was looking for and helped me find a great place. I so appreciated how thorough and knowledgeable she was. So happy with my experience and would recommend Jodie to anyone!

Kelsey H.

Jodie and her team were absolutely spectacular! They worked hard for us through out the entire process. We had a million questions and they never made us feel stupid for asking and were happy to help. We are so excited for home ownership and grateful for the major role Jodie played in helping us find and get the right home.

Kimberly S.

I have referred Jodie to a number of my friends who have bought homes with her assistance. Each of them had nothing but praise for her and her skills. Jodie is my goto real estate agent. I would recommend her to anyone I know or for that matter even people I don't know who I become aware of. She will sell my home when I am prepared to relocate and I will have her find my new home as well

Alex S.